Speakeasies may no longer be illegal, but their hard-to-find entrances gives a sense of exhilaration when walking down a dimly lit alleyway and passing through nondescript gates into a subterranean world of tinkling glasses and spirited history of this hidden WW l l airplane hangar.

Today, nestled behind this early 1900's storefront, (we left the outside just the way we found it), you'll find Orlando's most unique event space imaginable. Some are calling it "The Hidden Hanger" and others, "The Speakeasy". We just call it
1010 WEST

Step through the old metal gates and you'll discover the rustic / industrial, yet warm environment of a space revitalized from a turn of the century airplane hangar.

Speakeasies were frequented by a mix of people like journalists, students, celebrities, artists, high society folks and mobsters. It was a thrill to mix with such a large group of diverse people.” 1010 WEST brings it all back with this hidden gem.